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Download Free Bin CC App To Use CCXEN Tools

Download Free Bin CC App To Use CCXEN Tools

Well, what if all the necessary things to use BIN are available in one app ..?
Do you understand Nato ..? Let’s take a look
Features of CCXEN TOOLS made by CCXEN Community.

Apa Details

Name: Coxen Tools
Size: 16 Mob
Published by Coxen Tools
Version: 2.5
Download: Link 1 Link 2

lINK 1: If Play Protect Warning appears while installing on your phone, then install it anyway. (App may not be available in Play Store)
LINK 2: If the app is not installed on your phone, then download this version.

Let’s take a look at the details.

In order to use Bin, first of all, it is necessary to generate CC from Bin. Therefore, CC Gen has been kept from Bin on Home Page.
Note: After installing for the first time, you can use CC GEN offline.

CC CHECKER: After CC Generator from Bin, a CC CHECKER is required to check CCs. So CC Checker has been kept in numbers 2 & 3.

Temp Mail: Email address takes a short time to open an account on different sites, so here are the 3 most popular TempMail Server Added together.
In Edu TempMail you will find Temp Edumail.

Fake Info: When using Bin, people from different countries need names, addresses or identities. Here you will find all these.

Temp Number: Can be used on different sites where Otp Verification is required. Such as AWS, Stripe, Azure, etc. can be used when opening an account.

SSN Generator: Here you will get fake SSN from USA. This is useful when opening Edu Mail.

CPF GEN + CHKR: Here you will find the CPF of Brazil as well as the opportunity to check

BDIX Proxy: Get HTTP / S5 / S4 for BDIX SPEED Bypass.
(This has been extracted)

Then you will get the links of XEN Community at the bottom.

I hope the app will come in handy for those who use Bin.


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