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How to increase the speed of PC in Chrome browser

increase the speed of PC in Chrome browser

Chrome is now the most popular search engine for internet browsing. Using this browser to browse the internet as fast slows down the computer. However, there are several ways to increase the speed of the computer.
Below are some of the ways:
1. Any unnecessary extensions can slow down the Chrome browser. To do this, type “chrome: // extensions” into your Chrome browser. Then remove all unnecessary extensions from there.
2. Clear cache memory. To do this, type “chrome: / / settings / clearBrowserData”. Then select and delete everything.
3. Close plugins. For this, you need to know which plugins are necessary and which plugins are not needed. In this case, go to “chrome: // plugins” and turn off unnecessary plugins.
4. If you browse the web through tabs, download The Great Suspender from the Chrome Web Store. This will not cause any trouble while running Chrome.
5. If your device or computer contains malware or viruses, it can slow down the device as well as slow down the internet browsing speed. And a good antivirus can solve this problem. In this case, buy the antivirus of your choice online or directly from the seller and install it on your device and check the device thoroughly with it.
You can also find some more Chrome options in chrome: // flags. If you can understand the issues then you can make the necessary changes to make Chrome dynamic.
increase the speed of PC in Chrome browser



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