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How to permanently delete files on the computer

How to permanently delete files on the computer

Usually, when a file is deleted from the computer it is stored in the recycle bin. But the existence of that file remains in the computer memory. permanently delete files on the computer

The Windows operating system has a ‘recycle bin’ and the Mac operating system has a ‘trash can’ where deleted files can be seen. Go to ‘Recycle Bin’ or ‘Trash Can’ and right-click on the deleted file will give the ‘Restore’ option. It is possible to recover files easily from there.

What to do then? There are two methods.   Facebook

Step 1: Go to the ‘Recycle Bin’ of your computer and right-click on the bin. Will give an option called ‘Empty Recycle Bin’. Clicking there will delete the saved deleted files.

You do not want any of your files or data to be saved in the ‘Recycle Bin’ or ‘Trash Can’. What to do? Click on the file you want to delete. This time, in the case of Windows, the file will be completely deleted by pressing ‘Shift + Delete’ and in the case of Mac, ‘Command + Delete’ ‘Key’.

Step 2: This method can also recover deleted files with Advanced-grade data recovery software. What to do then? Level 3: Drill your hard drive. The drive will be corrupted and your files will be deleted forever.

permanently delete files on the computer


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