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How to Take 6 uses of an old smartphone

How to Take 6 uses of an old smartphone

In the era of smartphone domination, new technology smartphones are coming soon. And in line with this, many people are changing their previous smartphones. What will you do with your previous smartphone after buying a new one? Many will answer this question by saying, “I will sell it.” But you can use your old smartphone for various purposes without selling it. 6 uses of an old smartphone

1. Wireless router

With the help of old smartphones, you can easily create a Wi-Fi zone. This will allow you to easily access the Internet on all your other devices. And there is the advantage of easy carrying.

2. Media player for TV:

If you have access to MHL or HDMI cable on your smartphone, you can connect your mobile to the TV and continue watching movies or videos on the big screen.

3. Testing new apps:

Currently apps

Development is a very promising industry. If you are an app developer, you can use your old smartphone to test the new apps you have created.

4. Wireless security camera

There are many applications available today that allow you to easily convert your phone’s camera into a security camera. This will allow you to keep a regular eye on your home or other places. And you can easily see the picture of your desired place by streaming online from any browser or video player.

5. Use for playing games

If you are a game fan, you can use your old smartphone to play games. There are a lot of old games in particular that we have to use the emulator to play on modern smartphones. If you want, you can play all those games without using an emulator software.

6. GPS Navigator:

You can make your phone a GPS navigator using the GPS of your old phone. This will be of great use to you when you go out to visit a new place.

7. Computer remote:

There are currently many apps that can be used to control your computer from your smartphone. If you want, you can use your old smartphone in this case.

8. Data backup:

You can use your smartphone to back up your data and view them as needed. Just insert a high-capacity memory card. This will also come in handy



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