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What to do before buying an Android smartphone

What to do before buying an Android smartphone

The most popular mobile operating system of the present time is Android. The number of subscribers of Android smartphones is also increasing day by day. Get to know some important information before buying an Android smartphone.

– Play Store is a huge collection of millions of free Android applications. After signing in to your Google account, you need to install all the necessary applications from here. Some special tasks require the use of paid applications.

– Using multiple applications at once is called ‘multitasking’. The most interesting aspect of the smartphone is its multitasking feature. To get this facility, you have to press and hold the home button of the phone. As a result, all the applications running on the phone can be seen together. You can start work by selecting the application you want to work with. Again some devices have navigation bars. There are separate buttons for multitasking besides the home button.


– Another feature of Android is ‘Google Now’. It can be used to send SMS, make calls, search for locations with the help of maps, search the web without touching the phone. Not only the web, but also the contents of the device can be searched in the same way. Android’s ‘Google Search’ and ‘Voice Search’ features have similar benefits.

– Many devices currently use different user interfaces. However, the ‘stock user’ interface is more popular for Android. The main attraction of Android’s stock user interface is its ‘notification bar’. Sliding this bar shows all the notifications like ‘Miscal’, ‘SMS’, ‘Social Networking App’, ‘Messenger’, ‘Application Update’ etc. In addition, notifications can be cleared by sliding left and right. Many devices have device controller settings in the notification bar. From there, in addition to directly increasing or decreasing the brightness, small tasks like turning on or off WiFi, Bluetooth, auto-rotation can also be done.


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