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I see that form of Bengal

I see that form of Bengal
The message of arrival in winter has come in the last autumn. Winter is the season to travel. So, if you want, you can see the beautiful form of Bangla in this season. Written by Gazi
I did not see him with my eyes closed, leaving the house two feet away. In fact, even though it is small, there are many places of interest around this country in six seasons. Cox’s Bazar has the largest beach in the world and the Sundarbans have the largest single mangrove forest.
There are also sunrise and sunset beaches at Kuakata, world heritage sixty-domed mosques, and many other natural and heritage attractions. In addition, the diverse culture of the indigenous people of this country has added a different dimension to our heritage.
Winter is coming. And winter means the season of tourism in Bangladesh. So if you want you can see some form of Bengal in this season. But when you go out to tour, first of all you have to think, what is the time and budget in hand? Because, if you have less time, it is better to go around or to a place that can be visited day by day. And if you have time, you can go somewhere far away.
However, it is better to go in groups when you go out for a walk. It costs less. On the other hand, the fun of walking alone is also different. And family travel is differently fun.
Another thing to keep in mind when going out for a walk is to go where you haven’t been before. But wherever you go, before you go there, you should know all the information about accommodation and travel. It’s great to have someone with you who has been there before.
Or getting information from the locals there. There are also many books on the market with travel information. If you want you can find out by looking at those books. And now is the age of information technology. There is a lot of travel information and pictures on the internet. You can also get information from there.
Those who like to see the sea should go to Cox’s Bazar first. It is the largest beach in the world. Next to it is St. Martin’s Island. Or you can go to Kuakata, the land of sunrise and sunset. You can take a night bus from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar and return to Dhaka at night. However, it will take another day to go to St. Martin.
And you can’t go back to Kuakata in such a short time. Because, if you want to go to Kuakata, first take Patuakhali by launch or bus.
Then from there take the local bus to Kuakata. So it will take a long time to get there. On the other hand, those who are attracted by the mountains, they can go to Rangamati, Bandarban, Khagrachhari. The town is adorned with hills, forests, and colorful tribal landscapes.
In addition, those who avoid the sea or mountains, they can go to the forest. And if you want to see the forest, you can come to the Sundarbans first. It is the single largest mangrove forest in the world. From Dhaka first to Khulna, then from there, you can enter the Sundarbans through various travel agencies.
Besides, you can go to Karamjal alone to get a taste of the Sundarbans day by day. It will take about a quarter of an hour to go to Karamjal by trawler from Monglaghat. You can also come to the Sundarbans directly from Dhaka through various travel agencies.
Many people think, if you can go anywhere in the country alone, why not go to the Sundarbans? In fact, their idea is wrong. Because, if you want to see different places of interest in the Sundarbans, you have to enter the Sundarbans with the permission of the forest department for at least three-four days. And no boat or trawler can ever enter the Sundarbans alone without the permission of the forest department.
So if you want to go to the main part of the Sundarbans, you have to take the help of travel operators. Or you have to go in your own rented launch or big trawler. And without launches or trawlers, the forest department will not allow you to enter the Sundarbans alone.
Those who have seen the forest, the sea, or the mountains, they can come to see the green tea-garden. There are numerous tea gardens in the Sylhet division.
However, the largest and most tea-garden is in Srimangal Upazila of Moulvibazar district. Departing by night train or bus, you can get off in the morning, visit the tea garden all day and return to Dhaka at night. If you want, you can visit Srimangal day by day. The famous haors of the country are also in this tea country. Hakaluki, Tangua, Pashua, Baikka and other haors can be seen in the Sylhet region.
I see that form of Bengal
Besides, there are innumerable small and big botanical gardens or protected forests in the Sylhet region. These plants are rich in biodiversity of various species in gardens or protected forests. Apart from tea gardens and forests, there are many small and big springs in the Sylhet region. The Madhabkund waterfall is also present in Baralekha Upazila of Moulvibazar in this region.
There are various mosques including Khulna’s Satgumbuj Mosque, Dinajpur’s Kantijiur Temple, Comilla’s Mainamati, Paharpur’s Buddhist Monastery, Faridpur’s Mathura Deur, Rajshahi’s Sonamasjid, Tohkhabar, Puthibar.
You can also visit Hatiyar Nijhumdwip to see the deer kingdom, Haor in Sylhet, and various mudslides on the Bhola-Noakhali coast to see the bird kingdom.
And if you want, you can visit your district this winter season. Because each of our districts has different traditions and places of interest. All in all, wherever you look around Bangladesh, you will see the magical form of Ruposhi Bangla.
I see that form of Bengal


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