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Islamic facts: Know the history of sacrifice!

Islamic facts: Know the history of sacrifice!

‘The word sacrifice is Arabic. Which means sacrifice, gift, way to gain proximity. Sacrifice is what a person sacrifices for the sake of nearness to God.

Sacrifice was also practiced in the time of Hazrat Adam (AS). The practice of sacrifice has been followed in the time of all the later prophets.

It has been narrated in the Holy Qur’an about the sacrifice of the time of Hazrat Adam (AS), the narration of the two sons of Adam (Cain and Abel) you listen to them properly. When they both sacrificed, the sacrifice of one was accepted and the sacrifice of the other was not accepted.

He said, “I will kill you.” The other said, “Surely Allah accepts the sacrifices of the pious.” (Surat al-Ma’ida, 27)

One of the most difficult tests that Allah took on Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) was the test of the command to sacrifice his son Ishmael. Prophets are tested according to their status and place. He was instructed to sacrifice his son in a dream.

The dreams of the prophets and messengers are equivalent to the revelation received while awake. He dreamed three nights in a row that God was ordering him to sacrifice his son. He had the same dream on the night of the 8th and on the night of the 9th.

In Islam, the day is named after Ya’mul Arafah. The next night Ibrahim (AS) had the same dream and he realized that it was a command of Allah. That is why this day is called Yaomul Nahar or the day of sacrifice. Despite the opportunity to interpret dreams differently, Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) bowed down before the command of Allah.

Islamic facts: Know the history of sacrifice!

According to history and commentary, when Ishmael reached the age of thirteen or so, Ibrahim (peace be upon him) said to his worthy son, “I saw in a dream that I was slaughtering you.” As the father is the child and the future prophet. As soon as he heard his father’s words, he replied, “Do as you are commanded.” God willing, you will find me patient.

According to some narrations, Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) after receiving the instruction to sacrifice said to his son, Son! Get ropes and knives, we will go to that valley to collect fuel wood for the family. He reached a secluded place in the valley and informed his son about the sacrifice. Satan repeatedly tried to deceive Hazrat Ibrahim (AS), Ishmael (AS), and Hajra (AS).

When Ibrahim (peace be upon him) was instructed to sacrifice his son, the devil confronted Ibrahim (peace be upon him) at a place called Mash’arul Haram and he defeated him. When he reached Jamaratul Aqaba, Satan tried to deceive Ibrahim (AS) by throwing seven pebbles at him one after the other and drove him away.

Islamic facts: Know the history of sacrifice!

In the same way, when he reached Jamaratul Usta and finally Jamaratul Kubra, when Satan Ibrahim (a.s.) obstructed him, he threw seven pebbles in succession at both places, expelled him, and set out to carry out Allah’s command. Even today, pilgrims have to throw pebbles during the Hajj season to protect this memory.

Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) blindfolded himself, tied his arms and legs tightly according to his son’s advice, laid him down, and began to run the knife quickly with his own hands. But despite hundreds of attempts, he was not able to cut a single fur. In the midst of this difficult test of father and son, God called out, O Ibrahim! You made the dream come true.

God placed a copper plate between the father’s knife and the son’s throat. As a result, the knife could not touch the throat. Ibrahim (peace be upon him) opened his eyes and saw that a fat lamb brought by Gabriel (peace be upon him) had been slaughtered.

According to the famous Sirat expert Ibn Ishaq, Ishmael (AS) said to his father, O father! Tie me tightly when slapping me, so that the blood does not get into your body due to my movement.

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This can reduce the rewards and rewards. Because death is very difficult. I can squirm. And sharpen your knife well, so that my pain is relieved. And put me down on my face. Because I am afraid that if your eyes fall on my face, your heart may melt, then it may become an obstacle in following the command of Allah. And if you feel better, it will be a consolation for her to return my shirt to my mother as a memento. This was the final dedication of the sacrifice.

A question may be raised that Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) dreamed of sacrificing his son, but he did not sacrifice him. Then how did the prophet’s dream come true? In fact, Ibrahim (AS) saw his son being slaughtered in a dream. He did not see that he had killed him.

Therefore, he realized the dream, that is, he saw it in the dream, and in reality, he carried the knife in his son’s neck. But since he did not dream of completing the slaughter, he could not finish the slaughter in reality. Allah has fulfilled the dream of Ibrahim (peace be upon him) as much as he has shown it.



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