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Science world- Unknown signal is floating on the earth from space!

Science world- Unknown signal is floating on the earth from space!

An unknown signal has come from 11 light-years away from the earth. They say the signal came from a very small planet, which astronomers call a dwarf planet. Unknown signal is floating on the earth from space

At least 2,600 times smaller and fainter than the Sun we know, Ross 128. Initially, it was seen as a red star in a telescope. No planet orbiting orbit around it has ever been seen.

Astronomers at the University of Puerto Rico report that some strange radio signals have flown in from here. The signal was captured by a giant radio telescope at the Arecibo Observatory inside a sinkhole in Puerto Rio.

But the question arises here. Who sent the signal from those tiny stars in space. The existence of life outside the earth has not yet been matched.

But Puerto Rican space biologist Abel Mendez disagrees. He does, however, say that the existence of life on a different planet behind this signal is not going to be blown away. However, signals can come from any man-made device or satellite in space like him. Which was caught in that telescope.

Mendez claims that the radio telescope at the Arecibo Observatory is wide enough to receive signals from a man-made artificial satellite floating in space.

However, other scientists are reluctant to accept this as the proof or the ultimate cause. According to them, the mystery has to be solved gradually. It cannot be said that the search for life on another planet may be similar. So scientists are not giving up. Ongoing research.

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