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Shahadat sold a car for his mother’s treatment

Shahadat sold a car for his mother’s treatment!

Fast bowler Shahadat Hossain was banned for five years for attacking his teammate in the last national league. The ban has been suspended for the last two years out of five years. But less than 18 months later, he appealed to the BCB to reduce the punishment. I want to play in the national league which is going to start at the end of next March.

Shahadat needs money for the treatment of his mother who is suffering from cancer. So the one-time star of the national team has no choice but to play. Shahadat even sold his favorite car for his mother’s treatment.

He told the media, “In 2016, his mother suddenly contracted cancer. She was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Rajib’s mother was much better after the treatment. During the lockdown, his mother fell ill again. Become paralyzed. She is currently in the third stage of cancer. ”

“One of my brothers lives in Germany and is helping out there,” he said. And I had a car, I sold it for my mother’s treatment. If BCB gives me another chance then I can stand by my mother.

I have no other job. The suffering is increasing due to sitting for two years. I apologize to BCB, Coab. Inshallah, they will consider the matter and make an arrangement. ”

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