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How to quickly charge your phone!

How to quickly charge your phone!

Many people think that if you put the mobile in airplane mode or flight mode and charge it, it will charge faster. quickly charge your phone!

Because when your mobile is in airplane mode, your phone is out of the reach of all radio frequencies.

However, according to experts, the radio frequency is disconnected when the phone is in flight mode. However, it has almost no effect on the charging of the phone. It takes only four minutes less to charge a mobile phone than it normally would, to charge the phone in flight mode.

Put the phone in battery-saving mode and charge it very fast.

In addition, there are many types of fast chargers available in the market now. Due to the high power output of the charger, the phone is charged quickly through the charger.

The longer the screen of the phone is on, the higher the battery consumption of the phone, so try not to use the phone while charging. If you turn on the screen of the phone for no reason, the charging time will also increase, so do not turn on the screen again and again while charging.

Turn off unnecessary features (such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) while charging.

How to quickly charge your phone!



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