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When do you need medical advice before getting pregnant?

When do you need medical advice before getting pregnant?

Just as no work is complete without preparation, a healthy mother often has to prepare well before conception to have a healthy baby.

Some of these preparations were discussed:

1. If the mother has certain diseases (such as diabetes, thyroid gland abnormality, etc.) a doctor should be consulted before pregnancy. This is because in these cases the abnormal levels of the disease interfere with the normal formation of the fetus. As a result, the child’s disability is likely to increase.

In addition, other diseases such as kidney problems, high blood pressure, hysteria, asthma, or mental illness should be kept at a tolerable level through medical treatment before conceiving. Otherwise, it will cause various complications and higher mortality of mother and baby.

2. Those who have to take regular medicine for any reason should consult a doctor before conceiving. Because, the medicine taken by the mother during pregnancy can enter the body of the unborn child, so it should be known whether it is safe before taking any medicine.

The effect on the fetus will depend on what medicine you are taking, in what dose/amount, and at what time you are taking it during pregnancy. So it may need to be changed before conceiving.

medical advice before getting pregnant

3. If there is a birth defect in a previous child or if there is such a history in the family, it is necessary to consult a doctor to diagnose the cause and avoid similar complications in subsequent pregnancies.

4. If a husband or wife or a family member is a carrier of a genetic disease (e.g., thalassemia), then their child is also a carrier of the disease or is at risk of becoming infected. In this case, the prospective parents can seek advice from a genetic counselor before conceiving about the risk of the unborn child becoming infected and ways to get rid of it.

5. In case of repeated miscarriages, a doctor should be consulted before the next pregnancy to know the cause of the miscarriage and its proper treatment.

6. Weight control should be done before pregnancy to avoid various complications during pregnancy. The standard BMI (Body Mass Index) is 19-25. Those who do not fall into this category can take refuge in a nutritional toxin before conceiving.

7. With age, mothers are more likely to develop various diseases, as well as complications during pregnancy. Moreover, with the increase in the age of the mother, the birth rate of children with Down syndrome (chromosomal defects) also increases.

Therefore, those who decide to become a mother after the age of 35 should be aware of these risks from the doctor and be careful.

Writes: Dr. Nusrat Jahan

Assistant Professor (Ob-Gaini)

Delta Medical College, Mirpur 1, Dhaka.



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