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You do not have these 15 viruses on your PC?

You do not have these 15 viruses on your PC?

Computer viruses are on the rise with the advancement of technology. You may not even understand how these viruses enter your PC and wreak havoc.

No matter how strong the security is, all these viruses are dispersing. The damage caused by the virus is billions of rupees. The general public from the state is terrified of all such viruses. Learn about some of the most dangerous viruses in the computer world.

01. Zeus:

Zeus was found in 2008. Once this virus is installed on your computer, you will automatically receive updates from the Internet. This virus is terrible in the world of cybercrime. The virus has the ability to steal important documents from banks or various commercial organizations. According to the survey, 60,000 bank accounts were infected in the United States in 2009. Even in the eyes of Zeus, NASA was not left out.

02. Zeus Gameover:

Zeus Gameover, a member of the Zeus family. This malware also affects commercial software. Master Zeus game over to steal important information like credit card numbers, passwords. One million computers in the world were infected with the Zeus game over the virus.

03. Confirm:

The Confic virus was first detected in 2006. Usually damages the Windows operating system. Even if the computer has anti-virus, it can be easily disabled and made home.

04. Cryptolcar:

Very well-known malware cryptocurrency. When the virus enters the computer, it locks the system. The system cannot be opened until the original serial key of the cryptocurrency is being given.

05. Quackbot:

Quackbot has no jury to steal passwords. The virus was discovered in 2011. Quackbot has the ability to steal valuable passwords like net banking, computer login.

07. Psychipot:

Psychiatry is a type of Trojan horse virus. The virus was detected in 2006. Psychiatry has a knack for stealing password information.

07. Sandworm:

Although sandworm has been discovered recently, experts believe it has been around since 2009. Usually, Microsoft Word and Adobe software are damaged.

07. Blackops:

If credit and debit cards are used in the Windows operating point of sale (POS) system, BlackPos can easily steal its information.

09. Collar:

It is an Android Trojan virus. Can be identified in 2014. While browsing on mobile, the Kola virus can enter easily. Pornography is more likely to come from websites.

10. ILVU:

The name is IlaVU but at work but terrible. Infected with this virus completely cripples the computer. It has been found that around one billion dollars have been spent on computers all over the world due to the ILVU virus.

11. Code Red:

The Code Red virus was detected in 2001. Two employees of EI Digital Security detected the virus. This virus damages the memory of the computer.

12. Melissa:

In 1999, David L. Smith created the Melissa virus. It damages the word document.

13. Stuxnet:

One of the weapons in cyber warfare is the Stuxnet virus. The virus is thought to have been created by a joint US-Israeli defense mission to thwart Iran’s nuclear program. Although no official information has been released on the matter.

14. Maidum:

Maidum was a popular email virus before the ILVU virus came along. Windows usually harm the computer.

15. Flashback:

Flashback A Trojan virus usually damages the Mac operating system. In 2014, 22,000 Macs were damaged in flashback attacks.

You do not have these 15 viruses on your PC?


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