Ghost stories

A ghost story in the darkness of night

A ghost story in the darkness of night

It’s two o’clock at night. I have to get up now. Tide game has been a lot. It doesn’t feel good anymore. Although this episode of cards will continue all night. Mamun said goodbye. Friends are stubborn servants. No one wants to leave. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh!

I was in the club all night. Today again a goat has been stolen. The cooking was not good. What nausea. Mamun lives in Dhaka. Just come home during Eid. Chad changed the look of this nightclub. Almost all the friends are gathered.

This time there are only eyes. After getting DV, he left for America. Mourning has been written for the purpose of eyes. Kashem wrote. As a poet, he has a little name in this Mofassal town. There is another way to soak the throat at four in the morning. Mamun’s mind has been bad for a few days.

He is celebrating his first Eid without Ruma after marriage. Mamun ignored hundreds of temptations and left. The body is really bad. An excruciating pain inside the head. Leaving the club, the shortcut made its way home. With paddy field al. The night has been good. It was pitch dark. Mobile is not charged. It is a little difficult to walk the path in unfamiliarity.

A ghost story in the darkness of night

Suddenly vomited. And could not stop. He sat down next to the paddy field. Looks like he can’t stand it anymore. Tried to find someone nearby. Does anyone have? Nothing can be seen well in the dark. There is still a long way to go. It would be nice to get some water. Need to be a porter. Just then Nimai Da came and appeared

: Kiri, not Mamun. What happened to you

: Nimai Da. Feeling very bad

: Teeth. Hold me.

: I don’t think so. Can drink a little water.

: No water. Eat Sprite.

: Give.

Mamun gulped with Sprite. Once again vomited.

: Nimai da, bring me home.

: Listen, it’s near my house. You go I will rest for a while first.


Mamun agreed without saying a word. Nimai Da is a maths master at a local primary school. Mamun’s two-batch senior. Impossibly good. Some people are of that type born to benefit. Mamun stood up holding Nimai’s hand.

Both of them are moving forward silently. Nimai Da is humming and singing a song. Mamun is not in a condition to listen then. Suddenly Nimai grabbed Da Mamun’s hand tightly.

: What happened?

: Look ahead.

The front looks blurry. It seems that five bodies have fallen on the paddy field in shrouds. Even moving lightly. I know why a cold current of fear flowed.

: Let’s go

: What are those

: Don’t go. Let’s go and see.

: Go

: Far ass. Tuito became dumb because of fear.

: I am just stupid. If you see something but the flowers will die.

: Don’t talk. Let’s go

After some distance, the incident became clear. Who let the clothes mourn on the paddy field. White cloth. They look like corpses from a distance. He looked at the two dozen and smiled. Nimai Da’s song is understood this time. Nazrul music.

If Shawn remembers at night, Moore

The storm is blowing outside

If Shawn night 6.

Bhulio Smriti Mom Nishith Swapan Som

After the way, the garland of the area is tied

The storm is blowing outside

If Shawn night 6.

Mamun is lying at Nimai Da’s house. Couldn’t go home. Another vomit in front of Nimai Da’s house. Nimai did not leave anything. An avomin was found. Baudi is also very good.

Looks like a meeting idol. Mamun made the bed. Without further ado, Mamun lay down quietly. Nimai da dera is a small house. Three rooms. Tin on top. In Nimai Da Baudi’s next room. There is probably no one else at home. It was pitch dark. Nimai Da had a younger sister. Rajshree.

How did an immoral relationship with Mamun develop in the first year of his youth? Didn’t go far. Mamun moved to Dhaka University. The next time I went, I got married. He is many days. I heard that now the mother of three sons and daughters. Mamun is trying to remember Rajshree’s face. I don’t remember anything.

And I can’t keep my eyes open. I don’t know when he fell asleep. Suddenly I woke up. In a strange word. It seems that no woman is praying in this room. Nothing can be seen in the dark. However, the sound is the same as the sound during the prayers. Mamun closed his eyes. He tried to say in his mind that he had heard wrong. Maybe the sound of trees.

After a while, there was no sound. Another surprise opened his eyes. The picture of Krishna hanging in Nimai’s house seems to be looking at Mamun and smiling. In a strange way. It is clear even in the pitch dark.

A ghost story in the darkness of night

Mamun closed his eyes and tried to explain. A distant light may fall on the picture through the window. That’s right. It’s your turn to laugh at your own stupidity. Trying to sleep but can’t sleep. One ghost story after another comes to mind. Mamun tried to remember Ruma.

Has been standing in the sun for a long time. Sweaty. Wanting to smoke a cigarette. But the line cannot be left. A group of BDRs is giving relief as soon as the line goes back and forth.

Mamun did not stand in line for relief. The whole system is waiting on the spot out of sheer curiosity. Unsuccessful attempts to realize the suffering of helpless people. What else is Atalami wearing a gentleman’s mask? Kamal’s brother with Mamun.

He has been taking pictures one after another for a few days. Works in a magazine. Come with him. Couldn’t think of what to do with the test. At this time, there was a terrible storm all over the country. Curiosity to visit the area devastated by the cyclone and Kamal Bhai is going to feel the thrill of being his companion from Kaisha.

A ghost story in the darkness of night

But the sun could not stand. I had to move. He could not stand even after eating and had to wonder how the people who have not eaten are standing for hours. The last few days have seen the constant struggle of the people. How difficult it is to survive, but in the hope that people will survive.

Dreams deceived yet dreaming again and again. An old uncle is sitting in a corner of the road with a tea shop. It goes without saying that there are no customers. There are some journalists and some boys and girls of Mamune’s age who have come to give relief. Have tea. He can’t eat tea without pouring it in the saucer.

A girl is watching Mamun having tea with Fu with great curiosity. Mamun asked to surprise him a bit

: How are you?

Surprised, he looked at Mamun and tried his best to remember. Mamun spoke again –

: You are coming from Dhaka.

: Yes. But you.

: Didn’t recognize it. That’s right. I couldn’t either.

Mamun walks straight after paying the tea bill. Without looking back once. He knows that a pair of surprised eyes are watching. That first meeting with Ruma.

Mamun’s childhood habit is to look at the clouds and imagine pictures. He was trying to do that while sitting in the courtyard of the public library. At that time the question –

: How are you?

Turn to be surprised. That girl. It is as if the question has been thrown to seize Mamun.

: You live in Dhaka.

Perhaps an attempt to avenge that earlier conversation.

: You

: Didn’t recognize what. But I know exactly.

: I know too. But I was a little surprised to see you.

: You love to surprise. What does it feel like to be surprised?

Mamun smiled. That smile seemed to take Mamun and Ruma’s relationship much further. From the introduction, the matter gradually turned into love. The colorful whirlwind of the mind flew in this mechanical city. Overcoming all the hustle and bustle, he fell in love with her in solitude, and one day he got married to Ruma.

In fact, there was nothing that could stand in the way of the two of them. Let it be family and social. So they could easily come close to each other. The words I read in Haimanti on the night of Basar moved me – “I got it”.

Ruma and Mamun’s relationship is like a friend’s. You are related to this bar. Lack of love has never been observed anywhere. He lives in a small flat in Dhaka city. A working girl has come from the country house. It was going well. It’s not that there wasn’t a quarrel at all.

But temporary. Mamun had to leave by 8 am. Stays at Garments all day. Pushing the traffic jam in Dhaka city, returning home at 9 pm. There is no benefit in having a home around the office.

Because he has no job in the office. When there is work in the garments, there is duty. Mamun has no shortage of efforts to end Ruma’s loneliness. He bought a PC with a net line along with a TV. Taught to use a hand.

A ghost story in the darkness of night

But one day I could not understand why this net line suddenly caught a crack in the intimate relationship of two people. In fact, he could never agree on the question of who is to blame and how much. At first, Ruma used to show Mamun with great interest on the net.

But then where is privacy. Stealth game. Despite repeated conversations with certain people, Mamun discovers that he is intoxicated. Even if it is something terrible, it may be that the pet people can’t give Mamun a treat.

Evil thoughts run through your mind. Aurano, the big talker on women’s rights, discovers himself as an actor on the world stage. The argument in one word or two. Don’t want to stop. In the moment of much-used argument, the medicine on the lips by rubbing it inside the chest and rubbing it gently on the lips does not work these days. The quarrel goes on till dawn –

: What happened?

: Love.

: Don’t do all this nonsense with me anymore.

: Well, I will not smile a little.

: Damn, don’t give up, ash?

: I will not leave. What will I do?

: Oops. Unbearable.

Ruma got angry and left. There is no search for a long time. Mamun followed and saw the net. The mood is tense. Insulting all love, he puts his hand on his body. Ruma stared blankly.

Water kept coming down through his eyes. Embarrassed, he hurriedly got up from the front and tried to knock on the door from inside the bedroom. Mamun sits in a daze.

When I came back from the office the next day, I could no longer see Ruma at home. Fuli holds a small note in her hand –

: Let’s go.

Suspicion has insulted love. You have shown innate masculinity by not being able to rub my lonely skin. I had high expectations from you. And if you make a difference with ten people. Be well

Then often a month went by. Ruma did not come from her father’s house. Mamun has come to the village house to celebrate Eid alone. The quake struck just as Mamun was thinking about this in the middle of the night.

It seemed so in the first place. But before I could open my eyes, I felt as if someone was shaking the whole bed. Nothing to see. I am very scared. Can’t get any explanation. Pran began to try to remember Kalema. This removes the fear. I don’t remember anything.

 a ghost story in the darkness of night

At this time Gagan Bidari let out a scream. It is possible for any demon to make such a noise. Mamun jumped up. Nimai da nimai da said and started screaming. There is no response. He opened the door and tried to go out. But as soon as he opened the door, he saw Atbaram in a daze. Baudi is standing.

Looks like the vampire Dracula seen in the movie. There is blood on the teeth. Blood all over the body. Making ugly noises. The smell of raw meat came and touched my nose. Nimai Da’s body is lying in front.

It feels like eating out of the liver from there. Oh so horrible! Baudi did not spit or vomit. Throat flesh and liver are coming out of the mouth. Mamun is stable. The male eater is coming towards Mamun. The nails are quite big. Mamun tried to push away. But absolutely perfect work. Mamun’s teeth are straight in his throat.

He grabbed Mamun like a dragon’s rabbit and started sucking blood. Mamun’s body is frozen. I remember Ruma’s face for the last time.


Mamun’s body was found by the lake the next morning. The Nimai government saw it first. Later he informed everyone. The police investigation is underway. No one can say exactly what happened. However, it is certain that there were two holes in Mamun’s throat.

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