Ghost stories

Ghost story: – Mystery

Ghost story: – Mystery

There is a road to go to our house. There is a house on the right side of that road. There used to be people in that house but now I don’t know why there is no one. Now the house is very old and there are cracks in the house. Whenever I went through that road, I just looked at the house.

There was no rain all the way. When I came in front of that road, it started raining and lightning flashed again. I could not find any Thai in the rain. Suddenly I heard music on the speaker inside the house in the rain.

There was no house around, anyone would play the speaker in the house. I moved away from where I was standing and looked inside through the window.
A big speaker is playing music. I get scared when I see the back of the speaker.
Frightened, I left the window and came to the verandah and saw Maya Apu going through that road. Maya Apu is our neighbor. Aputa is very good. I haven’t seen her for many days.

As soon as my sister came in front of me, I talked to her all the way and came home and told her everything.

-How are you in this rain?

I say, mother.

– I came with Maya Apu who lives next door to us. She had a big chest.

My mother was surprised to hear the word. I was shocked to hear that.

Maya Apu ran away from the house a month ago and died. Maya Apu loved a boy but her mother could not accept it.

Ghost story: – Mystery



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