Ghost stories

Ghost stories | Story: Who is he?

Ghost stories | Story Who is he

Story: Who is he?
I go out of the house to chat with my friends. I return all day before the evening call. But today I am returning home after the evening call. In fact, it is too late today. People stop traveling. And today at this time I am going home through the jungle. After a while, the sky came down in the darkness. Ghost stories | Story: Who is he

There is no house next to it. I am walking quietly. Suddenly I thought someone was following me. I thought I was turning my head backwards. Looking at the jungle above. Looking back, Sharilta got up in a hurry. I looked at the front and walked again. After a while, I thought there was someone behind me.

I stopped looking back and saw what I was seeing. The head of the black dress is not visible, only the light is in the water. It is so perpendicular I have to lift my car up. Something is not coming to my mind for fear, I will not run away. I will not go through life today.

Without thinking, I ran to the front. After running for a while, I looked back and saw that no one could be seen. I was leaning on the base of a big tree and looking at the four sides. I could not see anything.

I woke up in the morning. Suddenly I jumped up and looked at all four sides. It was not as it was at night. And at night I did not know how I fell asleep so scared. Then I took a deep breath and said Allah save me from death.
.Ghost stories | Story: Who is he

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