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What happened to a friend of mine is a ghost story

What happened to a friend of mine is a ghost story. But this is not a false ghost story. True facts.

We all know about surgical masks. It is commonly used by physicians. But Japan is a little different. Ordinary people here wear masks for no reason.

Similarly, in 1989, a girl was seen wandering the streets of Tokyo wearing a mask. And the girl wearing the mask used to block the way of the children. Suddenly a child would block the path and then ask, “Do I look so beautiful?”

Before the baby could answer, he would take off his mask, then shout, “Look, tell me, do I look pretty?”

If someone saw his face and said “no”, he would get angry and take out a huge pair of scissors. Then he would hit the child on the head and kill him.

And if the child said, “Yes,” he would cut the child’s face up to his ears with his large scissors.

The only way to survive is to confuse this girl. If he says, “Do I look beautiful?” So you have to say, you look like a very ordinary girl or you say, ‘How do you feel?’ The children would have plenty of time to escape if they were just confused.

Police stepped up patrolling the streets after the incident, urging children to line up together and go to school. The Japanese call this girl Kuching-Sake-Anna (Katamukho girl).

There are two stories about this girl.

Hundreds of years ago, it is said, a grumpy skeptical samurai cut off the face of his beautiful wife out of suspicion.

According to an old report, once in the 1970s, this naughty girl came out, a beautiful girl died in a road accident. After he was found dead, his face was badly cut. Since then his incorporeal spirit has been roaming the streets.

In 2004, the virus spread to South Korea. At that time, a girl wearing a red mask was walking on the streets of South Korea looking for children.

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