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Bad Twitter tweets will automatically remove bad tweets!

Bad Twitter tweets will automatically remove bad tweets

The microblogging site Twitter has recently spoken out against abusive or harmful tweets. Twitter has also added an effective filter so that harmful tweets can be easily identified. This filter will automatically detect harmful tweets and take necessary action.

The issue of Twitter filters will basically determine the low quality and harmful tweets. And in this case, if a tweet matches exactly with someone, it will automatically diagnose.

It will have the ability to automatically determine the origin and behavior of the account. And it depends on the filter, whether the tweet will be displayed in front of others.

Users will be able to use this filter to receive or reject various notifications. As a result, no tweets will come in front of you. You can also determine.

The filter will not delete abusive tweets directly. However, if someone makes such a tweet, it will not be displayed in front of you.

According to Twitter, the system has just begun. There will be many more changes to the filter in the future.

Recently, Twitter has also taken a strong stand against the spread of violence and extremism. Twitter has closed 235,000 accounts in the last six months due to such allegations.

Besides, 3 lakh 60 thousand accounts have been closed since the middle of 2015. Authorities say this has had a positive effect on reducing extremist propaganda on Twitter.

In February of this year, Twitter announced the deactivation of 125,000 accounts on charges of extremist threats and terrorist propaganda. A Twitter blog post said there would be no room for violence and terrorism on the Twitter platform.

Bad Twitter tweets will automatically remove bad tweets


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