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Rare full moon eclipse on January 31

Rare full moon eclipse on January 31

A total lunar eclipse will be seen on January 31. This cosmic phenomenon can be witnessed in many countries in South East Asia including Bangladesh and India. Supermoon will also be seen on that day. At the same time, astronomers have described supermoons and total lunar eclipses as rare events.

Meanwhile, in the next two months, the world will see three supermoons. The first of these will be seen tonight. Supermoons will also be visible on January 2 and January 31 next year.

According to NASA scientists, we rarely get a chance to see this ‘Super Moon’. And the occurrence of ‘Super Moon’ and ‘Full Moon Eclipse’ on the same day is rare.

After the eclipse, the brightness of the moon coming out of the shadow will be noticeable. Brightness will increase by 30 percent. The moon will look 14 percent bigger.

Rare full moon eclipse on January 31

(Dhaka Times / 3 December / AZ)


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